•  Virtual DIY Assessment

Online or phone consultation using your emailed or uploaded photos and descriptions of your challenges and questions. Solutions will be provided via email or over the phone, and will include some or all of the following: step-by-step follow-through directions, product suggestions, and information on useful resources that help you make the change "inside" as well as to your environment. This is a Do-It-Yourself option that allows you to work from a blueprint to complete an organizing project at your own pace. This budget-friendly option is ideal for the person who has the motivation to get started, but doesn't know where to start.

Want to give it a try? Send an email inquiry to Ideas@EfficientSpaces.com today!

Advanced payment required via PayPal.

  • Virtual Organizing

This "on the phone" option includes many of the same techniques offered in a hands-on consultation but with a different type of organizer "presence" to work by your side. Using your emailed or uploaded photos and descriptions of your challenges and questions, we'll tackle an organizing project "together" over the phone in an effort to reduce the clutter, rearrange items, establish systems and/or edit items. This option is ideal for busy clients who want to work in shorter sessions on their organizing project, those who feel better working solo (but want an accountability partner) and anyone outside of the Twin Cities of Minnesota who wants to work with Efficient Spaces to "Make room for change!"

Advance payment required via PayPal. Single package = 90 minutes which can be used as one 90-minute consultation, two 45-minute consultations or three 30-minute consultations. Further consultations must be purchased at 90-minute package rate.

NOTE: A free 10-minute "get to know you" phone call is included with all services to answer questions and make sure there's a good fit between the client and organizer. Call 612-802-3388 to get started!

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