• On-Site Organizing Assessment

On-site consultations are provided for local clients (in the Twin Cities, MN area). Those outside of the Twin Cities may consider our Virtual Organizing options.

This DIY option includes an in-depth tour of your space(s) in need of change, a discussion of your challenges and questions, plus we'll talk about what's worked (or not worked) in the past. A detailed Action Plan is later provided via email or over the phone, and includes some or all of the following: step-by-step organizing directions, product suggestions, and information on useful resources that help you make the change "inside" as well as to your environment. This appointment takes approximately 1.5 hours and includes an email follow-up, or you may choose to pursue hands-on organizing sessions.

A Needs Asssessment is ideal for any do-it-yourselfer who has the time and motivation to "get things done" but doesn't know where to start. The Efficient Spaces Action Plan provides you with general solutions to tackling your organizing problems but does not include the hands-on partnership provided in the Hands-On Consultations.

NOTE: A free 10-minute "get to know you" phone call is included with all services to answer questions and make sure there's a good fit between the client and organizer. Call 612-802-3388 to get started! 

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