Dear Potential Clients,

Thank you for considering Efficient Spaces Organizing Services, LLC. I created this company after completing my own transition from being a packrat and "gotta see it to own it" creative type. I found my way to simplicity and gave myself permission to try new approaches to organizing. Sure enough, I learned there are actual techniques that can become life-long habits!


As my company's name implies, I offer more than just “organizing help.” True, orgDiana Allard, Home Organizeranizing is what we will do, but efficiency is what we will create. It’s my goal to empower you to become more efficient in various areas of life and in various spaces of your home –- whether it’s your small cupboard or file drawer or large living room or walk-in closet.

I will teach you the skills to be organized and stay that way. (If I can learn how, so can you!) In the process, I’ll help you create the type of space you’ve always wanted.

But I can’t do it without your involvement. That’s why I added the tagline “Make room for change!™” You’ve already taken the first steps in realizing that change can happen, and there are professionals such as myself who can help.

Now it’s time to make it happen! When you make room for change, you’re doing more than just changing a drawer, desk or entire room. Change happens on the inside too. And once you make room for it –- in your thoughts, attitudes and actions –- wonderful, powerful things can happen. I am so excited for you! Let’s get you started on that road to rewards!

Please call (612-802-3388) or email me soon (, so we can discuss your unique goals. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Diana Allard
Owner & Home Organizing Consultant
Efficient Spaces Organizing Services, LLC