QUESTION: I can’t afford your services.
(By the way, how much do you charge for a professional organizing session?)

ANSWER: Perhaps because of the dramatic results you get with professional organizing, there is a perception that professional organizers must be unaffordable. If you're considering hiring a professional organizer, the first question to ask is "What is the price I am currently paying by not getting organized?" Please take our quick quiz to see if you (or someone you know) is already "paying the price" of disorganization.

As with any professional service, the cost of organizing varies and is based on both regional differences and the professional’s qualifications. The national average for residential hands-on organizing ranges from $55 to $125 an hour. (Business organizing tends to cost more than residential services; Midwest prices are typically less than on the Coasts.)

The services from Efficient Spaces fall easily within this range. Please call 612-802-3388  or send an email to to learn the current rates, and any discounts that may apply to your organizing needs.

NOTE: For clients who are not in the Twin Cities area and/or are looking for the most budget-friendly solution, virtual organizing is an option to consider.


TERMS OF PAYMENT: Payment is due in the form of cash or check at the end of each hands-on session; prepayment is required for all "packages" (including virtual organizing sessions and multiple hands-on sessions scheduled in advance).

Credit card payments can be made via PayPal, but includes a small service charge for each transaction and must be paid prior to each session.

Please ask about our money-back guarantee on "Get Organized" Gift Certificates too.