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Summer entertaining? Make it easy with these organizing tips!

If you feel your house needs a thorough cleaning or is due for some organizing, but you’re not motivated to do it, consider throwing a party! Not only is summer a great time for entertaining, planning a party is a sure-fire way to “put on the pressure” to tackle neglected chores.

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Clutter here, clutter there... Have you had enough?

I usually work with my clients, and not just for them. The partnership aspect of our work creates a teamwork approach to getting rid of clutter and creating new systems that, in turn, improve daily habits. Before I work with any client, I need to make sure I have their buy-in on the idea, and they are really ready to get organized. How do I know when a client is ready? (And how do you know if you or or a loved one is ready for such help?) Hiring a professional organizer often comes when a resident has had "enough."

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7 Rules for Dealing with Disorganization

Getting organized” is among the top resolutions of 2012. It is every year actually. Like the other top resolutions involving health or wealth, the goal of reducing clutter falls under the “Best of Intentions” category. We all mean well in January but by summer our interest is waning. And once the holiday season arrives in the winter… well, we’ll get back to that diet/exercise plan/cluttered basement … next year. I came upon this tongue-in-cheek look at going to the gym, and decided that humor does have a way of bringing home a few points. It got me thinking that maybe there are a few truths about clutter and organizing that also need to be aired.

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Get into pictures! Summer is the season to organize your photos.

‘Tis the season for taking photos. Whether it’s vacations, weddings or reunions, there are so many opportunities to bring out the camera and start clicking. And since most cameras today are digital, there’s no need to limit the amount of pictures you take! Of course, if you’re like most Americans over a certain age, you’ve got a stack of prints that need to be sorted or better stored. Here are some tips for how to sort, store and display them.

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