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7 Rules for Dealing with Disorganization

Getting organized” is among the top resolutions of 2012. It is every year actually. Like the other top resolutions involving health or wealth, the goal of reducing clutter falls under the “Best of Intentions” category. We all mean well in January but by summer our interest is waning. And once the holiday season arrives in the winter… well, we’ll get back to that diet/exercise plan/cluttered basement … next year. I came upon this tongue-in-cheek look at going to the gym, and decided that humor does have a way of bringing home a few points. It got me thinking that maybe there are a few truths about clutter and organizing that also need to be aired.

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I'm putting my kids to work! (Want to do the same with yours? Here's how.)

A recent post on my Facebook Page had me asking Fans to describe their kids' play areas in one word. "Disaster" and "Confusing" came up from some fans. Luckily it doesn't have to be that way. My philosophy is and always has been that from an early age, kids (yes, even 2-year-old toddlers!) should be expected to contribute to chores at home. What better way to teach them how to clean up and care for things they own than doing so with their own toys and assorted "Stuff"?

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