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Summer's almost here... the season for outdoor playdates!

If you're entertaining smaller-sized guests, some extra TLC is in order:

  • Take a safety check. Walk around your front and backyard and look for hazards such as forgotten tools or toys that can be tripped over, overgrown foilage that might be prickly to a 2- or 3-foot child walking by, loose deck boards and even insect homes. (Bees, ants and wasps can lure a curious child!)
  • Keep tabs on your toy supply. Even if you don’t have kids, it’s nice to have a few basic toys around so kids are entertained outdoors. To keep outdoor toys (trucks, cars, buckets) from dirtying your house, establish some toys as "outside toys" only and others as inside only. Outside toys should have their own shelf or toy box (in garage or porch) for storage when not in use. Hold your child/ren responsible for clean-up of toys before coming in for the day.
  • Check accessibilty to hazards. In the summer, kids may have new access to previously unvisited territory, such as the garage. Make sure tools, chemicals, and even adult beverages are stored out of reach or even out of sight for less temptation.
  • Have first aid ready. Keep a supply of Band-Aids, ointments, gauze and even old towels ready in a bathroom or supply closet near the outdoor entrance should any minor injuries or insect stings come up.

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