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I LOVE my KitchenAid Mixer -- but not THAT much!

It's a funny thing what parenthood will do to you. For some, the introduction of children in the house awakens a domestic side they didn't know was there. For others (like me), the time and effort it takes to care for a child from infancy through toddlerhood is plenty exhausting. Making dinner is a bonus, but if you want dessert -- find it at the local bakery, not my kitchen!

Luckily for me and my family, as my kids gain more independence, I do as well! And I'll gladly pull out my Kitchen-Aid Mixer and put it to work more often.

Kitchen-Aid Mixer

I did so this past week as I baked the same banana cake my son loves three times for birthday parties and potlucks. He's six now, and it's time he sees that mixer in action! But, I'll confess, as soon as I've made the cake, it's time to clean up -- and put that mixer back in its cupboard. As you might imagine, I am not a fan of cluttering kitchen counters with gadgets of any kind -- but especially not the kind that are used only on special occasions.

I'd much rather take out -- and put away -- a heavy mixer three times in 10 days than take up precious counter space that could be used for dinner prep.

Ironically, I have gone into clients' houses before and seen their infamous Kitchen-Aids sitting on a counter. Though I might have felt a few pangs of guilt at first, it didn't take long to realize that these moms weren't busy baking more cakes than I was buying. It was actually just a case of them using the countertop as storage.

When I suggested we move the mixer to a cupboard, they'd resist. Until I called the countertop "precious real estate." That aha moment makes most clients relent and realize that even if their Kitchen-Aid gets relegated to the basement "pantry overflow" area, they will still be able to use it a few times a year to bake those cookies and cakes their kids love. The rest of the year, they'll be able to use the counterspace for something else the family loves: dinner! 

TIP: Take a look at your kitchen counters, and see what can be moved away from the "precious real estate" of your countertops and stored instead on a shelf, or in a cupboard, cabinet or other room.

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