About Efficient Spaces Organizing Services, LLC

The founder and owner of Efficient Spaces Organizing Services, LLC is professional organizer Diana Allard of Plymouth, Minnesota. Following a decade of work experience in the areas of corporate and agency marketing communications, Diana founded her organizing business in 2004 with the goal of pursuing dual careers as both a full-time "stay-at-home" mom and a part-time home organizing consultant. Her current and former jobs complement each other a great deal. As a marketing copywriter, she dealt with blank computer screens or white sheets of paper and had to decide which words and images to use or not use. Now Diana  uses similar skills to improve a client’s space.  

“It’s a matter of determining what’s most important to keep, how it should be arranged and what can be edited out.”   -Diana Allard 

A graduate of Drake University, Diana freelances as an English editor/proofreader and has also worked as a German translator and language instructor. Her teaching skills come in handy as she partners with a variety of clients and adapts her methods to various learning styles.

As a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and former Marketing Director for the Minnesota chapter of NAPO, Diana remains a student herself, attending classes, workshops, conferences and meetings to continuously improve her organizing skills and keep up on the latest products and trends. And as mom to a 2nd grade boy and Kindergarten girl, she receives constant "on-the-job training" and hones her skills in her own household on a daily basis.

When it comes to philosophies, Diana encourages “Everything in moderation.” Having marketing experience means she knows firsthand how compelled we are to “do more" and "buy more.” Diana advocates a "go green" mindset and helps her clients learn the benefits of having -- and enjoying -- “just enough.”