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Active Wall Magnetic Paint

Active Wall Magnetic PaintLet your artists post pictures and other decor without tackholes or tape! This unique paint lets you add a magnetic surface to any wall. (Much cleaner than the "chalkboard paint" version!) Ideal for playrooms, bedrooms and even kitchens -- just a strip or box of color will help you create a Family Wall of Fame.



Expandable Memories & Keepsakes Portfolio

Expandable Memories & Keepsakes PortfolioStore and organize report cards, art projects, awards, and keepsakes all in one place! Accordion-style personalized portfolio has six sections to keep them neat, safe, and easy to find. Durable vinyl. 14 1/8" x 18 1/4"


Shelf & Drawer Liner

  When clients ask me about shelf liners, I recommend the product I have in my own home. It's a premium product but oh-so worth it! Non-adhesive, easy to install and ideal for so many uses.


Boon Trio Animal Bag

Boon Trio Animal Bag - Great storage for stuffed animals!Give stuffed animals a home of their own -- and put them to work! These unique zippered bags offer a fun way to store, display and USE that zoo of stuffed animals your kids must keep. Available as individual bags too, in a variety of colors.


Lil Davinci Art Display Cabinet - 12x18 12x18 Art Display & Storage Frame

Display and store those larger art prints that kids create in preschool and elementary school. Easy-open cabinet allows you to add up to 50 sheets. Hangs horizontally or vertically.


Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart

This Magnetic Responsibilty Chart helps turn chore-tracking and manner-minding into a positive rewards system. That means less nagging from Mom & Dad!  (We've used two of these for our 5 & 7 year olds with great success.)

Melissa & Doug Responsibility Chart


Scarf Hanger

10-Scarf Hanger (set of 2)Got scarves? They're fashionable, great for cool weather and can liven up a wardrobe of basics. But, you need to be able to find your favorite with ease. Consider hanging them in your closet with tools like this Scarf Hanger.


Rotating Necklace Display Stand

Rotating Necklace Display Stand / Jewelry TreeClothes and shoes aren't the only the things that can make a closet chaotic. Make sure you can find your jewelry with ease too. This rotating necklace display stand keeps everything tangle-free and looks nice enough to decorate a dresser. (Available in different finishes.)


Money Savvy Piggy Bank - Save, Spend, Share, Invest

Money Savvy PigMany of today's adults admit they're not great savers. Such life lessons are best learned when young. Start kids saving smart with this fun and functional Money Savvy Bank that helps divide money into various categories: Save, Spend, Share, Invest. Available in a variety of colors.


Frogbox Reusable Moving Boxes

Packing and moving is never fun or easy - but Frogboxes make it a whole lot easier. These rentable, reusable totes are easy to pack, easy to label and easy to close and carry - saving you time and frustration versus taped-up cardboard boxes. They're the "green" way to pack your stuff - whether you're moving across town, or across the country. Local Frogbox branches are found in Vancouver, Seattle and the Twin Cities of Minnesota.